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What is Psychospiritual Coaching?

For the healing of the holistic self (mind, body, and spirit), I believe in marrying the power of spiritual connection with deep transformational healing for the full awakening of one’s true and whole self. (Not religious, non-denominational)


Coaching is a collaborative, co-creative, non-pathologizing, and client-led form of personal and professional counseling. Guided by transpersonal psychology and psychospiritual models of healing, I work with the belief that you are naturally whole, intuitively connected, creative and resourceful, already having within you what you need towards healing and leading a fulfilling life.


What is Psycho-spiritual? – Psycho-spiritual is an umbrella term for spiritual psychotherapy and pertains to the relationship between the soul and the mind. It builds onto and exceeds traditional psychotherapy by acknowledging the importance of our spiritual health, as well as our mental or behavioral health. It is an integral approach that addresses the whole or holistic health of a person: body, mind, and spirit.


Coaching v.s Therapy? – Coaching methodology believes in the inherent good, and wholeness of a client, and looks to help clear the way for a client to access the full healing capacity and inner expertise already within them. Traditional therapy, ie psychotherapy, often works to find symptoms, diagnose or pathologize. Its foundation is that a client is not inherently whole, and therefore damaged, impaired and deficient in one way or another, and functions through the belief that issues are to be fixed by an external source/expert in order for one to be made whole or complete. In contrast, coaching is an “inside -> out” approach, whereas therapy is an “outside -> in” approach. Additionally, coaching is not focused solely on healing past issues, but in looking at manifesting one’s fullest potential in both the present and future. Furthermore, coaching generally works to help someone move from “functioning” to “thriving”. 


In psycho-spiritual coaching work, I hold space for you as we co-create access to your own innate healing capacity, resulting in the unearthing and realization of your fullest potential in all aspects of life. We work together to unveil your whole, and authentic self and bring forth optimal healing, deep self-love, the potential for thriving, personal transformation, spiritual awakening, and/or prosperity. As both a medium and a coach, I utilize my intuition as well as my trained skillset for guidance as I work with you in the coaching process.

Coaching work goes beyond both traditional coaching and therapy modalities in that it combines the best aspects of each. It unites highly effective psychotherapeutic practices along with the coaching principle of already having within you everything you need for growth and happiness. It is as much about manifesting your highest goals and potentials, as it is about deep healing, self actualization and transformation. It believes in the importance of development on all personal levels: mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual. This work is not a one size fits all coaching program that promises to effect change in a matter of weeks. It is individualized 1:1 coaching that works at your pace while building capacity and momentum towards full transformation and healing.

This work is designed to help bring about healing and growth on all levels, some of which include finding wholeness, becoming heart-led, achieving self-leadership, transforming patterns, transcending fear, overcoming obstacles, actualizing your biggest potential, finding creative and emotional flow, envisioning the future, setting and achieving meaningful goals, transformative healing, radical growth, and complete self-actualization.

My specialties as a coach are:

  • Heart wisdom, self-awareness, self-awakening

  • Self-leadership, self-empowerment, self-reliance

  • Self-worth, self-love, self-doubt

  • Anxiety, fear, insecurity

  • Perfectionism, OCD, inner critic, stress

  • Sensitivity, HSP, mood disorders, introversion

  • Building intuitive connection, developing intuitive skills and abilities, trusting inner guidance

  • Spiritual development, awakening process, finding spiritual purpose and path

  • Consciousness, energy awareness, energy healing, multidimensionality and meta-perception

  • Mindfulness, body-mind intelligence, psychosomatic connection

  • Authenticity, breaking free from roles and expectations, alternative lifestyles, individuality, life transitions

  • Co-dependency, couples work, attachment styles, alternative relationships

  • Eco-anxiety, 

  • Moving from surviving to thriving, highest potential, manifestation, prosperity and abundance, accomplishing dreams and goals.

Coaching is done in person or over video chat and is available from any distance. You will begin with a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals and how this work might help. I will take that time to assess our potential for alignment and attunement towards an exemplary coaching relationship. Then together, we will discuss if this work is the right fit for you. A custom program or schedule is then set up to best suit your needs. To make an appointment for a free consultation, click the booking button below. I look forward to connecting with you ~

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.” – C.G. Jung

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